Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care


Replacing damaged alloy wheels is an expensive solution, and choosing cheap unoriginal alloy wheels can lessen the quility of your driving experience. We make it possible for you to keep your current alloy wheels with an alloy wheel repair. We are specialists in repairing your crooked, misaligned or scratched alloy wheels, and make them look as good as new at a fixed price.
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We take care of your damaged alloy wheels and make them look as great as new again. Our technicians have great experience with different types of alloy wheel repairs, including restoring the shape of misaligned wheels, which may have been damaged in a car accident.

We also take care of repairs to painted alloy wheels that have been scratched or in other ways have been damaged. We remove superficial damages, reconstruct the surface and repaint the wheel. The alloy wheel will then look as it did before it was damaged. With our diamond cut wheel repair we removed unwanted scratches and restore the aluminum surface using a specially design machine, that makes the alloy wheel look like new again.

We give you the opportunity to keep your original alloy wheels, which is a great advantage.

Technician installing tire on a car in Repair2Care shop.


Your alloy wheels are subjected to wear and tear, which can result in nasty scratches or chipping in the paint. This regular wear and tear results in a reduced appearance of the alloy wheels. Fortunately, these damages are repairable, resulting in alloy wheels that look close to the original.

Compared to the expense of getting new alloy wheels, a reparation of the original ones is a significantly more economical solution. In most cases you are able to save up to 50-75% of the price of original alloy wheels. The saving can be even greater if you have special alloy wheels from selected car brands.

The cost of an alloy wheel repair starts at 110 EUR and varies depending on the type of reparation, size of wheels and type of alloys. We want to offer fixed prizes when possible. This makes it easier and more transparent for you to get a cosmetic damage on your car repaired.


Take a look at our FAQ about repair and renovation of alloy wheels and diamond cut wheels.
Can you repair scratches on an alloy wheel?
How much is an alloy wheel repair?
How do you repair alloy wheels?

It is possible to repair scratched alloy wheels, making them appear as close to the original as possible. Small - almost invisible scratches - can be removed doing a regular polish. Larger scratches need professionel tools.

Our skilled technicians use some of the newest technology and the newest techniques when repairing alloy wheels. This ensures a professionel repair resulting in alloy wheels that are as close to the original condition as possible.

Our prices depend on size and type of alloy, as well as type of reparation. This is a list of the type of alloy wheel repairs we offer with prices:

  • Painted wheels: prices from 180 EUR
  • Diamond cut wheels: prices from 250 EUR
  • Misaligned wheels: prices from 120 EUR

You are able to save up to 50-75% of the price of original alloy wheels by choosing a repair instead of a replacement.

The reparation of alloy wheels can be done in various ways depending on the type of alloy wheel and type of reparation. We are specialists in repairs of alloy wheels and uses different techniques to repair scratches and restores the shape of misaligned wheels.

The repair of a diamond cut alloy wheel is done on a specially designed machine that contains a diamond blade. By following the alloy wheel's specific pattern, the blade removes deep cuts from the aluminium surface.

Scrathes on a painted alloy wheel is repaired by recreating the surface with a specially potent filler. If you have a misaligned wheel you need an alloy wheel alignement. We use a specially designed alloy alignment machine that uses a hydraulic pump to recreate the shape of the alloys.