High-quality maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your car and ensures it sustains maximum value. Find all our car care services, prices, and estimated repair time below and learn more about the importance of car care.
Before and after a polish and coating treatment on a black car.

Polish & Coating

390 EUR
We use various polishing pads with different harnesses to remove minor scratches and recreate the shiny finish. The treatment ends with a ceramic coating that provides long-term protection.
Car cabin with fabric interior.

Cabin Air Cleaner

135 EUR
We use innovative technology to effectively eliminate bacteria, mold, and viruses in the cabin. This treatment sanitizes the enclosed area and helps to create a healthier indoor climate. 

A car parked in a repair shop covered in cleansing foam.

Wash & Wax

65 EUR
We use an auto shampoo and a high-pressure cleaner to effectively remove dirt from the surface and apply a high-glossy wax that gives a nice shine clearcoat and emphasizes the car’s color.
Technician holding a clipboard while inspecting a white car in repair shop.

Cosmetic Inspection

35 EUR
We examine the car for possible cosmetic repairs and provide a fixed-price offer to improve its current condition, increase the resale value, and prevent possible lease car return charges.


Cars are constantly exposed to external factors, such as UV radiation, bird dropping, and machine car wash, which deteriorate the car’s condition, value, and appearance. 

Professional car care provides valuable benefits, as it is key to retaining and maintaining the car and its value.

We offer various internal and external car care treatments which are durable and at a fixed low price. Let us help you find a treatment that fits your needs and obtain a well-preserved car.
Closeup of technician applying a clear ceramic coating on a blue car.


A car technician inspecting car for interior cosmetic damages.


Regular maintenance has aesthetic benefits as the vehicle will appear well-preserved, but effective car maintenance, such as cleaning, also provides long-term benefits.

Regular wash and cleaning are essential to protect the paint from environmental factors, such as sun exposure and bird droppings. Interior cleaning can prevent stains in the fabric, discoloration on the carpets, and unpleasant smells in the cabin.

We can help maintain your car. All our centers offer various preventive services and effective car care treatments on the interior or exterior.