Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care


When you return your leased car, it should, ideally, be as good as new. Only signs of wear and tear are accepted. All damages, including major stone chips, scratches, dents and damaged rims are considered repairs you have to pay for. The assessment of these damages is based on standard price lists from the car dealer's workshop and are often very expensive. Many have experienced being presented with a bill for thousands of dollars.

At Repair2Care, we offer cosmetic inspection and repairs at fixed competitive low prices.

At the same time, we guarantee that the repair will be approved at the leasing company, and if not, we will refund your money for the repair in question.

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Returning a leased car: How do you prepare your lease car for return?

It's important that you start preparing your leased car a few months before you need to return your leased car. You may have damage to the car that needs to be repaired or you need to have your car thoroughly cleaned before you return your lease car.

Here are the most important points to consider when returning your leased car:

1. Book a drop-off appointment well in advance

It can be beneficial to book a return appointment 1-2 months in advance. Typically, a lease period lasts until the end of the month, so most people want to book a return appointment as late in the month as possible so they can drive the car for as long as possible.

Read your lease contract carefully so you know what you need to be aware of when returning the lease car

2. Check your car for cosmetic damages

If your leased car has sustained a damage or two, it's important that you get these repaired before you return the car. The most common damages to a leased car that you will end up paying to have repaired when your lease ends are:

  • Bigger and smaller bumps
  • Dents, nicks or scratches on rims, including curb damage
  • Scratches in the paint
  • Damage to the interior, including car seats, dashboard, panels, etc.

If you don't repair the damage yourself, the leasing company will send your car to an independent repair shop, and in most cases, the repair bill will be higher than if you had the repairs done beforehand.

3. Clean your lease car before you return it

The leased car must be thoroughly cleaned inside and out before you return it, so that it appears in as good a condition as possible.

The cabin and trunk must be cleared and cleaned. In addition, all belongings must be removed from the car (remember storage pockets in the doors, glove compartment and the space under the floor in the trunk).

In addition, remove all digital traces from the car, including Bluetooth connectivity, and reset the car's setup.

Last stop before return of lease

Leasing companies accept general wear and tear, but damages such as stone chips, scratches, dents and damaged wheels should be repaired before return of lease. We make sure that your car is ready for end of lease by repairing any cosmetic damage. 

20% of leasing cars have cosmetic damage
2.5 damages per car on average
We repair instead of replacing

Does insurance cover damage to leased cars?

The vast majority of leased cars will show signs of being used when they are handed back. On average, a leased car has 2.5 damages at the end of the lease period.

If the leased car has a scratch on one side door, a scratch on the bumper and a stone chip in the paintwork, these will be considered as three individual insurance claims. So you could end up paying three times the deductible if you have the damage repaired through your insurance.

Our prices are much cheaper than your deductible, so you'll be able to get your car fixed at a much lower price at one of our Repair2Care centers.

Damage to the front bumper of a car
Technician removing tire from car before rim repair.

Lease car repair: Avoid costly additional bills

Our cosmetic car inspection is completely free of charge if you accept our offer and have the damage to your leased car repaired with us.

The most common damages we see on leased cars include windshield stone chips, paint scratches, dents and scratches on diamond cut alloy wheels. We mainly repair small stone chips in the paintwork of leased cars. This type of damage may not be that big, but it is still not accepted. 

In addition, we often repair diamond cut rims on leased vehicles. Deep scratches and scratches on rims are not accepted and must be repaired before return. 

Damage to the lease car: What does it cost to return a leased car?

The cost of repairs when returning a leased car typically depends on the damage the car has at the end of the lease period.

The advantage of having us carry out a cosmetic inspection of your leased car before the end of the lease period is that you avoid costly repairs to damage that has occurred while the car has been in your care.

You are typically responsible for making repairs to your leased car yourself, or paying for the leasing company to send your car for repair. We can repair any damage much cheaper than the leasing company.


If you choose to let us repair your cosmetic damages, we guarantee that they will be accepted at leasing return. Should this not be the case, all repairs are covered by a money-back guarantee.