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Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

7 Common Damages to Your Leased Car and How to Avoid Them

When driving a leased car, it's important to take good care of it to avoid unnecessary costs at handover. Many people find that they end up with a large bill at handover because the car has damage that needs to be repaired. In this blog post, we'll go through the typical damage that a leased car has at the end of the lease.
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Typical Damage to a Leased Car

Many people find themselves faced with a large bill when they have to return their leased car at the end of their lease. In principle, a leased car should be returned in the same condition you got it in, but it's hard to completely avoid cosmetic damage when you use the car.

Let's take a look at seven of the most common damages to leased cars and how you can avoid them.

1. Scratches and Dents

Scratches and dents are some of the most common damages to leased cars, as they damage the car's appearance and diminish its value, they obviously need to be fixed.

You can do a lot yourself to avoid these damages by paying attention to the parking lot surroundings, avoiding parking too close and generally being careful and attentive.

Closeup of a paint scratch on a white car.

2. Stone Chips

Windshield stone chips are a common occurrence, especially on highways and busy roads.

To avoid stone damage, keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of you and avoid driving close to trucks or other vehicles, especially in wet conditions.

3. Worn Tires

Tires wear out naturally over time, but excessive wear can often be caused by driving with incorrect tire pressure.

Avoid worn tires by checking your tire pressure regularly and rotating your tires during a service.

4. Interior Damage

Interior damage such as stains, cracks or holes in seats can be caused by lack of maintenance or rough handling of the car interior.

Avoid interior damage by keeping your car clean. Always keep blankets in the car to protect the seats and car upholstery when transporting items in the car.

Keep tea towels in the car that can be used as tablecloths if you or your children eat or drink in the car.

Hole in black leather car interior.

5. Paint Damage

Paint damage can occur from anything from branches, stones or other sharp objects hitting the car, to scratches caused by poor washing techniques or lack of paint protection.

Avoid paint damage by parking in the shade if possible, washing your car regularly with suitable soap and tools and consider a paint sealant for extra protection.

Keep your distance from the car in front. Most damage is caused by a lack of distance to the vehicle in front.

6. Scratched Rims

A very typical damage is scratched rims and this can be much more expensive than you think. Even the rims on a small mid-range car can cost 3-5,000 DKK each.

Pay attention to the distance to the curb when parking and driving in parking garages. It is in these situations that 9 out of 10 rim damages occur.

7. Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues can occur due to lack of maintenance, driving in extreme conditions or simply due to wear and tear.

Avoid mechanical issues by always following the vehicle's service schedule and paying attention to new sounds and vibrations as well as the vehicle's warning lights.

Avoid Damage to Your Leased Car

Avoiding these typical damages requires a little extra attention and maintenance, but it can save you significant costs when returning your leased car.

By being aware of your car's condition and taking preventative steps, you can avoid the big bill when you return your leased car.