Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Closeup of a misaligned alloy wheel before a repair.
Closeup of a misaligned alloy wheel after a repair.

Straightening of bent alloy wheels

Not only do bent or dented rims impair your driving experience and make driving uncomfortable, but it is also not very safe to drive if you have damaged rims. That is why you should not wait too long to get your alloy wheels repaired. Rim restoration is a specialized method to repair and retore the original shape and function of the alloy wheel.

We can restore 14-21 inches alloy wheels. Both the tire removal and installation are included.

14-21 INCHES



How is a bent alloy wheel straightened?

If your alloy wheels are bent or have gotten a dent, we can quickly repair them and restore the original shape using a specialized wheel straightening machine.

Our experienced technician places the dented or bent alloy wheel in a specialized wheel straightening machine that is able to restore the shape of the rim using a powerful hydraulic pump. The machine uses a hydraulic piston equipped with appropriate shaped working tools, which the technician with precision and care uses to restore the shape to original shape. After straightening the wheel, the technician installs the wheels on your car again at no charge.

A rim restoration is a great investment, because it both improves your driving experience and prevents damage to your tires. At the same time, getting your alloy wheels straightened is far cheaper than investing in brand new rims.

a bent alloy wheel being restored in a wheel straightening machine.


Silver colored alloy wheel with curb damage.

Benefits of an alloy wheel alignment

It is unfortunate when you get your wheels damaged, whether they are bent or gotten a dent. However, driving around with damaged rims is neither safe nor comfortable. If you drive around with bent alloy wheels, you risk damaging your vehicle's suspension system and tires.

In fact, it is more risky to drive around with a bent alloy wheel than getting it repaired by a professionel. A rim restoration is by far also a cheaper solution than that of buying new alloy wheels.

Our experienced technician has great experience with different forms of alloy wheel repairs and can efficiently both restore bent and dented rims, but can also remove scratches from painted alloy wheels, as well as recreate the aluminium surface of your scratched diamond cut wheels.


How much does it cost to get alloy wheels straightened?
How long does it take to straighten an alloy wheel?
Is it safe to drive with alloy wheels that have been straightened?
What are the most common causes of bent alloy wheels?

The price of alloy wheel straightening is €120.00.

The price includes both removal and installation of wheels.

On average, our technicians can straighten a bent alloy wheel in about 25-35 minutes.

Time varies depending on the experience level of the technician and how bad the damage is.


Yes, it is completely safe to drive with alloy wheels that have been straightened. The metal is very durable and can easily be straightened using our special wheel straightening machine.

In fact, it is safer to drive around with restored alloy wheels than to drive around with rims that are bent, dented or misshaped.

The most common factors that can lead to bented or dented rims are typically due to poor road surfaces and potholes. If you drive into a large pothole, you can risk knocking a rim out of alignment. Especially if you're driving at high speeds, the hard and sudden impact that occurs can bent the rim.

The rim can also become bent in a collision with a curb. In other cases, the rim gets scratched, which can also be repaired.

Many mistakenly believe that they will have to invest in new rims if theirs have been damaged, but this is far from the case. We repair crooked rims, remove scratches from diamond cut wheels and repair painted alloy wheels.