Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Closeup of a paint damage on a white car before repair.
Closeup of a paint damage on a white car after repair.


There's almost nothing more annoying than discovering scratches in the paint on your car. Scratches, big or small, are often very conspicuous and also pose a risk of rust development, which is why it's important to get them repaired as soon as possible.
If your damage is larger than 30x20 cm, get an evaluation online or visit your local Repair2Care center to receive a quotation.

Max. 30x20 cm




The very, almost invisible, small scratches on a car are removed by re-polishing the car. If the scratch is not that deep, it doesn't need to be repaired as such. In this case, a polish and coating treatment will remove minor scratches in the paint.

However, if you have a larger and deeper scratch on your car, it needs to be repaired by an experienced technician. First, the technician cleans and polishes the damaged area. Then, a specially designed digital color-matching tool is used to identify the color of the paint on the car. Using this tool, we can mix just the right color for your car, ensuring an almost invisible result.

Before applying the paint, the area must be primed to create a uniform surface for the paint to adhere to. The specially mixed color is applied with a paint sprayer to distribute the color in an even, thin layer. This method ensures that there are no visible streaks in the surface of the paint. Finally, a layer of durable clear coat is applied and the area is then polished to guarantee long-lasting protection and to create a shiny finish to the paint. 

Paint repair on a silver-colored car in a hybrid paint booth.


A technician and female customer inspecting a car in repair shop.

Quick repair with long-term benefits

Getting the paint scratch on your car repairs provides immediate and long-term benefits, as the paint serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

Aesthetically, a scratched car will make it less attractive to look at. This affects your driving experience and reduces the resale value of the car. The paint also acts as a protective layer that prevents rust from attacking the car's metal. That's why it's important to get a paint repair right away if you suffer damage. A repair will improve the overall appearance of your car and extend its lifespan.

We restore small to medium paint damages at an affordable, fixed price in less than three hours. Book a paint repair today to enjoy the benefits and obtain a satisfying result.