Replacing damaged alloy wheels, a cracked windshield or an injured car bumper is expensive and often unnecessary. We specialize in cosmetic repairs and perform a wide range of repairs on damaged car exterior. Explore our services and prices below.
Silver colored alloy wheel with curb damage.

Alloy Wheel Repairs

We repair various alloy wheels regardless of whether the alloys are misaligned or scratched. Afterward, the result is almost indistinguishable from the unaffected area.
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Shiny white car with intact paint.

Paint Repairs

We can restore minor stone chips or eye-catching scratches in the paint. Regardless of the age and color of your car, we deliver results that are as close to the original condition as possible.
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Front windshield on red car with the sky reflecting in the window.

Windshield Repairs

Tears and stone chip damage in the windshield can quickly become expensive if you do not get a repair in time. Let us help you restore the windshield and avoid unnecessary bills.
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Closeup of shiny car headlights.

Headlight Repair

We remove the mat surface on your headlight and apply a durable clear coat to ensure the lights stay clear and shiny. Afterward, the headlights will appear almost as good as new.
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A plastic bumper in front of white car.

Plastic Repair

Damages in the plastic exterior diminish the appearance of the car and its value. Let us help you repair the damage and obtain a near-invisible result.
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Exterior damages deteriorate the appearance and the overall value of the car and exterior repairs is beneficial if you want to sell your car, return a leased car, or buy a preowned vehicle.

Exterior repairs are perceived as expensive but for a good reason. In most cases, when cars enter the workshop with a cosmetic damage, the part is being replaced, even though it is possible to restore it.

We can repair scratches and misalignment on painted alloys, polished alloys, and diamond cut alloys, restore foggy headlights, stone chips, and much more, so you avoid time-consuming and expensive replacements.
Closeup of a paint scratch on a white car.


Technician polishing a car headlight on a black car.


All techniques and products used in the Repair2Care workshops are system-approved and endorsed by all major car brands. 

Our technicians are trained to execute SMART repairs, which are innovative techniques for restoring cosmetic damages. 

We deliver a wide range of high quality repairs and offer a minimum of 2 years of warranty to emphasize the resistance and durability of our services.