Replacing damaged alloy wheels is expensive. We can repair different types of alloy rims at a fixed price. Find all our repair services, prices, and estimated repair time below and learn more about the benefits of repairing alloys.
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There are various reasons for repairing cosmetic damages instead of replacing the damaged component because it offers multiple benefits to you and the environment.

For instance, curb damage on alloy wheels is one of the most common damages in our workshops. If you choose to repair the damaged rims instead of replacing them with new ones, you can save 20-50 percent or more, depending on the rims’ size, type, and brand. In addition, you contribute to recycling usable materials that otherwise would be thrown away.

We want to help you maintain your car without breaking the bank and promote a greener alternative to cosmetic repairs.
Technician installing tire on a car in Repair2Care shop.


There are two common beliefs when it comes to alloy wheel repairs. Many drivers do not believe alloy wheels can be restored and those aware of the possibility believe it is extremely expensive.

We can restore matte polished rims, scratched painted alloy wheels, damaged diamond cut alloys, and misaligned alloy wheels, assuming they are not completely ruined or out of shape. All our prices are fixed depending on the type and size of your alloys to avoid unpleasant surprises.

An alloy wheel repair is a good investment for multiple reasons. First, a repair is more cost-effective compared to replacing the rims. Second, well-preserved alloys add more value to the car if you want to sell or buy. Lastly, a rim repair can enhance the driving experience and help prevent future damage to the vehicle and its tiers.