Cracked brown leather car seat
Result of a leather repair on a brown leather car seat.


Leather is extremely durable but will wear over time due to daily usage, sunlight, and heat. Cracked leather seats are one of the most common leather interior damages and affect the overall impression and value of the car negatively. We can restore faded, worn-out leather car seats, and the results will be as close to the original condition as possible. 

If your damage is larger than 30x20 cm, get an evaluation online or visit your local Repair2Care center to receive a quotation

Max. 30x20 cm



How is wear and tear on leather restored?

Our technicians clean the car seat to remove all dirt and grease from the area. After a thorough cleaning, the leather crack filler is applied, which is a flexible and durable material made to fill out uneven areas and restore their volume. The filler may be applied multiple times, depending on the condition of the seat, to ensure all cracks are restored. When the filler has dried, the area is cleaned to remove the exceeding product and recreate the surface as close to the original as possible. Lastly, the technicians use a digital color-matching tool to identify the exact color before it is applied. When all products have dried, the car seat will be ready for usage and will appear as close to the original as possible.
A technician is applying crack filler in a worn and cracked leather seat.


Shiny black leather car interior.

Why repair the leather car interior?

Most people perceive leather as a luxury, which also applies to leather car interiors. Holes in leather car seats, wear and tear on a leather steering wheel, or discoloration on the leather armrest has a negative impact on how passengers, potential buyers, or leasing providers perceive your car.

A leather repair is a beneficial investment if you want to maintain your car and sustain its maximum value for as long as possible.

We specialize in performing cosmetic repairs that ensure the damaged area will appear as close to the original condition as possible. All repairs have a minimum of 2 years of warranty which emphasizes our services' quality and durability.