Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Closeup of a damaged diamond cut alloy wheel before a repair.
Closeup of a diamond cut alloy wheel after a repair


The diamond-cut repair recreates the rims' shiny look and removes scratches from the aluminum. Afterward, the rims will appear shiny and almost as new. This repair is strictly for diamond-cut alloy wheels. 

The price of the repair depends on the size of your alloy wheels. If you choose to get two or more wheels restored, you will receive a favorable quantity discount.




14-16 inches

SAR 720.00

17-19 inches

SAR 990.00

20+ inches

SAR 1,320.00
* 25% surcharge on the following brands: Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Aston Martin, and Maserati.
* A tire dismantling fee of SAR 50.00 may be added to alloy wheel repairs if required to perform the repair.

How is curb damage removed from diamond cut alloy wheels?

First, the alloy wheels are removed and placed in our unique deflection machine that contains a diamond blade. Then, the machine is set to your rim's specific pattern, and the diamond blade cuts the alloys and removes the damage in the aluminum. This unique technique removes the impurities and restores the shiny appearance of the aluminum, so the rims appear as close to their original condition as possible. Finally, a clear coat is applied, which provides long-lasting protection.

a diamond cut alloy wheel repair in a CNC wheel machine.


Save money and book a professional repair

Did you know that you can save up to 70% depending on the size and the brand of your alloy wheels if you choose to repair your scratched alloy wheels compared with replacing them with brand-new ones?

An alloy wheel repair is a profitable investment as it increases the overall value of your car and is more cost-effective compared with replacing the rims while being an eco-friendlier solution without compromising the quality.

Book an alloy wheel repair today to obtain a sense of newness and drive with confidence.

Crooked rim?

If the alloy wheels are crooked, reestablishing the rims is necessary to install them in our machine. Rim alignment is not included in the price and costs 440 SAR regardless of the size of the alloy. If your alloys are crooked, we recommend a rim alignment because it could create dangerous situations and degrade the overall driving experience.

Paint touchup

A diamond cut repair composes the diamond blade deflection that removes the damages and scratches in the aluminum. If there are additional damages in the painted area, it would be necessary to repaint it. A paint repair on a diamond-cut alloy wheel is an add-on service. The price range starts from 660 SAR and depends the size of the rims.