Damages to the car’s paint are often very conspicuous and diminish the appearance and value of the vehicle. Explore all our paint repairs, prices, and estimated repair time below and learn more about how we can help restore your damage.
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There are many reasons for paint damage on cars, but some are preventable. Cleaning is crucial to prevent paint damage because external factors, such as bird droppings and bugs, consist of a high level of acid which breaks down the paint over time. However, equally important is to use the right products and brushes as abrasive cleaners can cause additional damage.

The weather condition also has a significant effect on the car’s paint. In colder climates, paint damage can occur due to salt or sleet that can break down the paint coating, and humid weather increases the possibility of rust. On the other hand, the paint is more likely to fade in warmer climates due to sun exposure, and sand is one of the most frequent causes of rust.

At Repair2Care, we specialize in cosmetic repairs and professional car care. Let us help you restore paint damages, prevent rust, and refresh the paint at an affordable fixed price.
Car with a glossy finish in a workshop.


The paint protects the car’s metal against moisture which cause rust. It is crucial to prevent rust from occurring as untreated rust will spread over time and will cause damage to the chassis. In addition, injuries to the car’s paint impact how potential buyers or your leasing providers perceive the vehicle and evaluate its value.

A paint repair is a good investment if you want to prolong the lifespan of your car and sustain its value for as long as possible.

We use innovative digital color-matching tools and durable paint clear coat to ensure the results are long-lasting and as close to the original condition as possible regardless of your car’s age, model, and color.