Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care


Durable cosmetic repairs and professional car care is essential to retain a well-preserved vehicle and prolong the life span of your car. We offer a wide range of repair services and car care at a low fixed price without compromising the quality.
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A hole in the car seat, discolored leather seat, or scratches on the dashboard are common damages that often are perceived as extremely expensive but we offer affordable interior repairs. At Repair2Care, we offer fixed low prices on the recoloration of leather interiors, repairs on car seats, and restoration of a cracked dashboard. Our innovative repair techniques make it possible to repair fabric, vinyl, plastic, and genuine and synthetic leather with high durability and an almost invisible result.

We can repair alloy wheel damage, foggy headlights, bumper damage, and stone chip damage in the car paint and windshield at a fixed, affordable price. Our technicians are experts in how to repair car exteriors. We can restore all car exteriors, such as windshields, plastic surfaces, alloy wheels, and headlights because we use groundbreaking technologies. If you book a restoration of misaligned alloy wheels, stone chip damage in the paint, or plastic bumper damage, we can help you without breaking the bank and ensure you return to the road again by the end of the day.

Your car is exposed to wear and tear daily due to external factors, such as UV radiation and bird dropping, which reduces the car’s value. Prevent these value-reducing damage with professional car care. At Repair2Care, we offer professional car care that helps improve the value and overall impression of the vehicle. We can remove superficial scratches from the car, remove unpleasant smells in the cabin, and provide a fixed price offer for cosmetic repairs.


 By rethinking cosmetic repairs, we have become experts in executing high-quality repairs and durable car care, which is cost-effective, faster, and greener. We specialize in restoring damages and using efficient car care to reduce waste in every repair and prolong your car's lifespan. 

Our concept offers unique benefits for you and the environment, as it is more cost and time effective while being environmentally friendly. If you are looking for cheap car care or long-lasting repairs, you can find it in our 360-degree services portfolio.
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Affordable fixed prices

Transparent and fixed prices to avoid unpleasant surprises


Durable repairs with results close to the original condition

Quicker repairs

Back on the road the same day

Greener alternative

Using techniques that reduce waste in every repair


Repair techniques endorsed by all major car brands


Minimum 2 years of warranty on all repairs
The Repair2Care mantra is to repair instead of replacing simply because it is possible and better for you and the environment. We use advanced repair techniques which make it possible to restore the damaged area with an almost invisible result.

We specialize in executing cosmetic repairs and car care, and all repair techniques are used worldwide and endorsed by all major car brands globally.
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Technician polishing silver colored car in a workshop.