Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Closeup of a crack in the windshield of a car.
Closeup of a car windshield after a windshield repair.


Windshield damages can become extremely expensive if you do not repair them in time. We can easily save you a lot of money because we restore the damage to help you avoid expensive replacements. Book today to achieve an almost invisible result and avoid replacing the windshield and compromising your safety. 

If your damage is larger than 10 cm, get an evaluation online or visit your local Repair2Care center to receive a quotation.

Max. 10 cm



If the damage starts at the edge of the window, it cannot be repaired

If the crack is in the field of vision, it cannot be approved at a car inspection

All glass damage will be faintly 
visible after repair

How is a windshield crack repaired?

Our skilled technicians use resin to fill out the cracks in the windshield. This is a binding fluid that only cures under UV light. This powerful resin creates almost invisible results and contributes to restoring the windshield's strength.

We recommend you book a windshield repair quickly to help you restore the strength of the windshield and help you save money.

A technician performing a windshield repair and filling the crack in the windshield with resin.


a stone chip damage on windshield viewed from inside of a car.

How to prevent the windshield crack spreading

In most cases, a crack in your windshield is repairable. However, you must prevent the damage from spreading as it may lead to an expensive replacement of the entire windshield.

The most effective way to prevent the crack from spreading is to get it repaired promptly. Before taking your car for repair, you can prevent additional damages by avoiding blasting hot air on a cold windshield, slamming the doors, and using an automatic car wash.

We offer quick and affordable restoration of stone chip damages and cracks in your car’s windshield. Book now to avoid expensive replacements and be back on the road in less than one hour.