Before image of a vinyl repair on grey car interior
After image of vinyl repair on grey car interior.


Tears and holes on the car's plastic or vinyl inteiors are frequent and reduce the value and overall impression of the car. However, these damages can quickly be repaired, and the damaged area will be almost indistinguishable from the unaffected. 

If your damage is larger than 2.5 cm, get an evaluation online or visit your local Repair2Care center to receive a quotation.

Max 2.5 cm



How is a hole in the cars plastic OR vinyl repair?

When the damaged area is cleaned, the technician fills the crack or hole with a filler and reconstructs the structure. When the filler is hardened, the surface is polished to recreate a smooth and even finish. This process is repeated until the damage is reconstructed. Dashboards or door panels have a unique surface structure that our technicians can restore. By using a patented mold maker, the surface can be copied and recreated on the damaged area. When the surface is restored, the final step is to apply the matching color and structure spray. Thereby, the area feels and appears as close to the original condition as possible.

A technician filling a small hole in the vinyl car interior.


Close up of plastic and vinyl material on a car door.

Why repair the plastic car interior?

When you drive around with a dog cage or load the car with groceries, equipment, or holiday luggage damages on the plastic or vinyl interiors frequently occur. Holes, scratches, and discoloration on the plastic interior deteriorate the overall impression of the car and its value.

We can repair the damage at an affordable fixed price, so you avoid an unreasonable large bill for a replacement at a traditional repair shop.

Let us help you maintain your car and sustain its maximum value for as long as possible by repairing your cosmetic damage today.