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Sparen Sie 50 € bei Ihrer ersten Reparatur mit dem Code: Repair2Care

Discolored car dashboard before cosmetic repair.
Car dashboard after a discoloration restoration.


The dashboard is extra exposed to the sun and its rays due to its location. Over time, the UV rays will cause an uneven color on the surface, which deteriorates the appearance and value of the car. Our technicians can quickly restore the even out the color differences, and the result will be as close to the original condition as possible. 

If your damage is larger than 30x20 cm, get an evaluation online or visit your local Repair2Care center to receive a quotation.

Max. 30x20 cm



How is discoloration on the dashboard restored?

The technician cleans the surface to make a precise color match and ensure the paint is even applied. When the dashboard is dry, the technician sprays the specially designed color on the component in multiple layers to ensure the area is completely colored. The paint is highly durable, and we offer a 2-year of warranty on all discoloration treatments.

A technician evening out discoloration and removing stains on car dashboard.


A car technician inspecting car for interior cosmetic damages.

How to prevent discoloration on the car dashboard

"Leather, plastic, and vinyl are some of the most common materials on the car dashboard and are considered highly resilient. However, these materials are still capable of fading or discoloring. "

UV exposure from the sun or contaminants on the surface are two of the most common reason for the dashboard to fade or discolor. By avoiding parking in the sun, covering the windscreen, cleaning the surface regularly, and avoiding liquids and food on the surface, you can prevent the dashboard from appearing dull and uneven.

Have you already noticed discoloration on your car's dashboard? Then book a repair today to recreate the even and smooth surface at an affordable fixed price.