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Closeup of a headlight before a headlight polish.
Closeup of a headlight after a headlight polish.


Your headlights are constantly exposed to wear and tear caused by the weather, which results in a yellow mat finish on the surface. Replacing headligts with new are not only expensive, but also unnecessary. We offer to polish your headlights, which is a treatment that will remove the unwanted yellowish matte finish, as well as small scratches on the surface. The treatment will leave your headlights clear and shiny again.

We offer an extended warranty on your headlight polishing that ensures your headlights stay clear and shiny for a minimum of 5 years.





R 650,00


R 1 200,00

How are MAT headlights restored?

Over time, the headlights on your car will become dull, worn and yellow to the eye. The deteioration is caused by the oxidation of the acrylic surface, which occurs as a result of the suns's harmful UV rays. Wear and tear from the weather also contributes to the dulling of your headlights.

Our skilled technicians use an efficient sanding system that polishes the surface of the lights with different grain sizes. The yellow and dull surface of the headlight is slowly and gently sanded off, resulting in a surface with renewed clarity and shine. The efficient sanding system also removes any scratches in the acrylic surface.

Finally, a special two-component finish is applied, which is a highly resistant clear coat that restores the previous shine while protecting the surface from future damage.

A technician sanding a mat headlight during a headlight repair and polish.


Technician polishing a car headlight on a black car.

benefits of a headlight polish

Improved safety: Headlights that are dull and foggy can dramatically reduce your visibility, potentially creating dangerous driving conditions. A headlight polish not only improves your own safety, but also that of your passengers and other road users.

Economical: A headlight polish is an economically sensible decision compared to replacing both headlights with a new pair, which can be significantly expensive.

Importance for the value of your car: Yellow and worn headlights significantly reduce the overall value of your car. By choosing headlight polishing, you preserve your car's appearance and value.


Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions about headlight polishing.
How often should you polish your headlights?
Can you polish your headlights yourself?
How much does it cost to have your headlights polished?
How long does a headlight polish take?

There is no rule for how often a headlight polish is necessary. However, you will know it is time for a headlight polish if your car's headlights no longer shine brightly due to a dull and worn surface.

We offer an affordable headlight polishing service that will keep your headlights shiny and clear for at least 5 years.

It is possible to perform a headlight polish at home, but it requires you to invest in various equipment and materials, such as a full polishing system, polish and a clear coat.

We can offer you a professional headlight polish at a fixed low price.

The price for headlight polishing depends on whether you only need one or both headlights polished. However, we offer half price on one headlight if you choose to have both headlights polished at the same time.

One headlight: R 650,00
Two headlights: R 1 200,00

We can complete a headlight polish in a maximum of 1.5 hours.

We use a comprehensive polishing system with different grain sizes that effectively removes the dull and scratched surface of your car's headlights.

After removing the dull surface, we apply a protective clear coat that guarantees clear headlights for a minimum of 5 years.